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A delegation from the Ministry of Industry and Trade examines the Social Security Corporation’s digital transformation experience

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A delegation from the Ministry of Industry and Trade examines the Social Security Corporation’s digital transformation experience-image

A delegation from the Ministry of Industry and Trade examines the Social Security Corporation’s digital transformation experience

A delegation from the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Quality and Development Department paid a visit to the Social Security Corporation’s Institutional Excellence Directorate to examine the corporation’s experience with electronic transformation during the Corona pandemic.

Manal Al-Qatarneh, manager of the Directorate of Institutional Excellence at the Social Security Corporation, welcomed the visiting delegation, expressing the corporation’s willingness to share its experience with all ministries, directorates, as well as national and other official institutions on the various fields and initiatives that it implements, such as electronic transformation, the corporation’s response to the Corona pandemic, and defense ordnance requirements, which reflected a great deal of effort on the corporation’s notable role and presence during the pandemic. The corporation took on a significant burden in protecting the production forces of workers and employees, preventing them from being laid off during that exceptional period, and providing the necessary protection for the registered employees in the private sector, given the importance of this sector and its impact on the national economy.

During the meeting, the corporation announced that it had recently achieved a new worldwide milestone, having received four international excellence awards from the International Social Security Association (ISSA) for four best practices (ISSA). One of the best practices that led to them obtaining one of these prizes was the electronic transformation of the corporation, which received special recognition from the International Society.

The corporation stated that most of its services are now available electronically at a rate of (99%) and without the need to visit any of its branches or directorates, noting that it is currently moving towards smart automation of its services as well as expanding its communication channels through social networking sites that capture its audiences’ attention in order to serve them in all available ways.

The Directorate of Institutional Excellence discussed with the visiting delegation, the procedures followed by the Social Security Corporation regarding standard comparisons of the e-transformation award, as well as the similarities between them and the standards to which other institutions and ministries are subject to in this regard.

The meeting was attended by the Social Security Corporation, Manal Al-Qatarneh, Qais Al-Battoush, Manal Khudair, Majed Muslim, Alaa Al-Hourani, Kamel Al-Sabah, and from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Engineer Aseel Al-Omran, Alaa Al-Bdour, Zaher Arar.

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