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Stages of Implementation of the Social Security Corporation


Stages of implementation of the Social Security Law


1977 Royal Decree establishing social security

1978 The Temporary Insurance Law No. (30) for the year 1978 was issued, through which old age, disability and death insurance was applied and work injuries were insured.

-1 / 5/1980 The beginning of the first stages of applying the Social Security Law to the large establishments (selected establishments), followed by establishments employing 50 or more employees.

1-11 / 1980 Inclusion of public institutions and government departments not covered by the civil pension system.

– 1/2/1982 The inclusion of municipalities and village councils.

– 1/1/1984 The inclusion of Jordanian civil servants in the armed forces and the security services.

– 1/6/1987 Inclusion of establishments employing five or more workers.

– 1/1/1995 Inclusion of new employees in the civil service sector, where their inclusion in civil retirement has been suspended.

– 1/6/2001 The Security Law No. (19) for the year. (2001)

– 1/1/2003 Inclusion of the new military.

– 1/11/2008 The start of the expansion phase of the facilities that employ less than (5) workers starting from the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, and moved according to a time plan with a historical scale to include all the workers in the Kingdom, moved to Irbid on 1/11/2009, On 1/3/2010, Karak and Tafila on 1/5/2010, and on 1/6/2010, Mafraq and Al-Balqa on 1/10/2010, Jerash and Ajloun on 1/12/2010, while the last phase in the governorates of Amman and Zarqa 1/5/2011

15/10/2009 Effective temporary law amending the Social Security Law No. (26) for the year 2009

– 1/5/2010 Entry into force of the Temporary Security Law No. (7) for the year (2010)

– 1/3/2014 The Social Security Law No. (1) of 2014, which included a large number of reforms (achieving justice among the categories of pensioners, ensuring distributive justice, strengthening corporate governance, soundness of the investment side, ensuring the sustainability of the insurance system)

– 1/12015 Inclusion of self-employed workers, employers and joint partners is mandatory.

-1 / 3/2015 The beginning of the application of hazardous occupational system.