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Bank Transfer Account:

In the event that the subscriber wishes to pay the amounts due by bank wire transfers,

General Organization for Social Security
Arab Bank / Oman
Account number: 500 / 8-010505 / 0111

IBAN: JO26ARAB1110000000111010505500

In the case of the subscriber’s desire to pay the amounts due through the accounts of the institution in the following countries:

Expatriates in the United Arab Emirates:

The organization’s account with any branch of Arab Bank in the United Arab Emirates.

Expatriates in the State of Kuwait:

The Corporation’s account with any branch of National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) in the State of Kuwait.

Expatriates in Oman:

The Corporation’s account at any branch of the Arab Bank of Oman in the Sultanate of Oman.

Expatriates in the State of Qatar:

Payment through our account in Qatar with Jordan Arab Investment Bank.

Arab Jordan Investment Bank (Qatar) LLC

Tel: +974 4496 7338

Fax: +974 4496 7348

Expatriates in the Kingdom of Bahrain:

The Corporation’s account with the Housing Bank for Trade and Finance in the Kingdom of Bahrain (501/26604/19/3000/0).

The subscriber must ensure that the following data is available in the transfer:

Insurance number.
Full Name.
Payment nature (optional submission, monthly subscriptions).
The subscriber shall be responsible for any lack of required data.
Thank you for your cooperation to reach better services.

United Arab EmiratesJordanian Consulate / Abu Dhabi+971505258584
Arab Bank / Abu Dhabi Branch+971(2)6392225
Saudi ArabiaEmbassy of Jordan / Riyadh+966114880071
KuwaitNational bank of Kuwait
Sultanate of OmanOman Arab Bank / Al Khuwair Branch+24706265 968
QatarArab Jordan Investment Bank+974 4496 7338
BahrainHousing Bank for Trade and Finance97317225227