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Social Security: One million (700,000) individuals and businesses are registered in electronic services

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Social Security: One million (700,000) individuals and businesses are registered in electronic services-image

Social Security: One million (700,000) individuals and businesses are registered in electronic services

The Social Security Corporation announced that the total number of accounts registered in its electronic services via its website has reached one million and (700) thousand, including one million and (625) thousand accounts for individuals and (75) thousand accounts for establishments, and urged all citizens, workers, and liaison officers of establishments to visit its website at www.ssc.gov.jo and register for its electronic services.

In a press release issued by its media center, the corporation emphasized the importance for all Jordanian citizens inside and outside the Kingdom who have not previously registered for its electronic services to take the initiative to create a personal account through its website, in order to view all the details of their social security subscription and benefit from the corporation’s electronic services.

Concerning the electronic services available to establishments, the Corporation stated that any establishment that has not updated its data previously may do so to take advantage of all available electronic services, which enable it to easily manage all of its social security affairs through its electronic services portal.

The corporation added that its audience can access its application via smartphone by visiting the (app store) or (google play) and searching for the (Jordanian Social Security) application, then selecting the option to download or update, noting that the application’s active user base has surpassed (550).

The corporation stated that (99 percent) of its services for individuals and establishments are available electronically through its website, emphasizing that it is currently working to automate (100%) of its services, and that individuals and facility liaison officers can contact the corporation via the unified call center (117117) or through the national call center (065008080) should they face any difficulties, around the clock any day of the week.

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