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The delegation of the Syrian Social Insurance Institution reviews the experience of the Social Security Corporation in the field of occupational safety and work injuries.

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The delegation of the Syrian Social Insurance Institution reviews the experience of the Social Security Corporation in the field of occupational safety and work injuries.-image

The delegation of the Syrian Social Insurance Institution reviews the experience of the Social Security Corporation in the field of occupational safety and work injuries.

A delegation from the Syrian General Organization for Social Insurance visited the Social Security Corporation to review its experience and best practices in the fields of occupational safety and health and work injuries, as well as the institutions legislation and regulations.

Dr. Hazem Rahahleh, the General Manager of the Social Security Corporation, welcomed the visiting delegation and expressed the institution’s willingness to put all its technical and insurance capabilities, expertise and experiences related to insurance and accumulated insurances, as well as its experience in the field of work injuries and occupational safety, at the disposal of the Syrian brothers. Therefore, they will be able to assist them in various aspects that would be beneficial to them and would help develop and improve the level of protection, social benefits, service, procedures, and mechanisms.

Al-Rahahleh emphasized that the corporation’s interest in occupational safety and health stems from its interest in the working person and extending social protection to those covered by the provisions of the Social Security Law, which is a priority for the corporation. He indicated that the draft amendment to the Security Law, which is currently in its constitutional stages, will add a new purpose to assist businesses in providing tools for occupational safety and health.

The Social Security Law, according to Al-Rahahleh, strengthened the protection of the working class and preserved worker safety by requiring establishments to provide requirements and conditions for occupational safety and health and their tools at work sites. The law also set penalties for establishments that do not comply with this order, which are represented by an increase in the percentage of work injury insurance contributions.

Al-Rahahleh discussed the corporation’s procedures and updates in the field of workplace injuries, including the immediate notification service to provide distinguished service to the injured and the speed with which they are transported to the appropriate authorities. When the proposal was approved, the medical authorities considered the geographical distribution to ensure that it covered all of the Kingdom’s governorates. He noted that the Corporation is currently in the process of implementing health insurance for contributors, retirees, and their family members who do not currently have coverage, which is expected to begin in the first quarter of next year.

Dr. Rakan Reda Al-Ibrahim, Syria’s Deputy Minister of Labor and delegation leader, praised the institution for its pioneering technical expertise in the field of legislation, procedures, regulations, and studies related to issues of occupational safety and work injuries and their importance for the Syrian side, which facilitates the transfer and application of this experience to the Syrian Social Insurance Institution, which is reinforced by the delegation’s visit to this esteemed corporation.

Yahya Ahmed, General Manager of the Syrian General Organization for Social Insurance, delivered a presentation on occupational safety, health, and work injuries, expressing the delegation’s interest in learning about the pioneering Social Security Corporation’s experience in this area as well as related legislation, studies, policies, regulations, and procedures. He stated that the insurance institution is a leader with legislation and social protection systems that have a strong international reputation, have made significant strides in this area, and are among the first to share their experiences with their Arab brothers.

Dr. Amin Waridat, Regional Adviser for Labor Inspection and Occupational Safety and Health at the International Labor Organization’s Regional Office for Arab States in Beirut, stressed that the Social Security Corporation in Jordan has positive and best experiences and practices in the field of occupational safety and work injuries that rank among the best at the Arab and regional levels, including the Occupational Safety and Health Award. Jordan’s Social Security Corporation is also the first in its field at the Arab level to document information and data pertaining to this aspect, in addition to the legal texts requiring institutions that are not committed to occupational safety in the social security system to increase contribution rates.

The Corporation’s Department of Occupational Safety and Work Injuries provided an extensive presentation to the guest delegation about the Corporation’s occupational safety and health policies and procedures. Other topics addressed in the presentation included securing work injuries in addition to all updates and areas of benefit from them, along with the Department’s organizational structure and tasks of its directorates/departments. The presentation also included the Excellence Award in Occupational Safety and Health, its fields, and the foundations of this award.

In addition to the assistant Syrian Minister of Labor and General Manager of the Insurance Institution, the visiting Syrian delegation included Abi Roshan, head of labor affairs at the Damascus Chamber of Industry, Bashir Al-Halbouni, member of the Executive Office of the Trade Union Confederation, Jamal Al-Hajali, member of the Executive Office of the Syrian Workers Union, and Dr. Muhammad Samir Barakat, Director of Affairs Medical Insurance Institute, and Khaldoun Abdel Qader, Head of the Labor Relations Department at the Ministry of Social Affairs.

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