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Director General Preface

The Social Security Corporation was established to protect and take care of the workforce socially and economically. It is a socio-economic integral umbrella to protect the workforce social and economic rights, provides insurance benefits and privileges to the insured persons and their family members at the time of entitlement for such a pension whether owing to reaching the old age, disability, death, or work injuries.
The social security is a security and stability factor for all Jordanians, and a fundamental social protection standard in the Kingdom, for both the present and future generations. For that, we recognize the importance of keeping the Social Security Corporation strong and sustainable, and ensure the soundness of its procedures in accordance with solid enduring corporate rules and standards. This is a joint responsibility lies with all social partners and institutions, and requires a profound strategic thinking that ensures the implementation and sustainability of these orientations.

If the Social security legislations and insurances are part of the development process components in any society that aim to solidify the socio-economy stability, play a prominent role in the economic development, and motivate the labor market, the social security is also deemed a protection system that protects and maintains the human basic rights, which is a prerequisite to achieve the social cohesion and justice. Furthermore, the social security is an effective tool to reduce poverty, enhance fairness, and sustain the fair economic growth.

The national role of the Social Security Corporation is obvious in Jordan at the socio-economic and humanitarian levels as it works on finding protection systems to provide social services supportive to the social protection and security system. In addition, the Corporation contributes to the development process by way of launching projects that enhance the advancement and progress of Jordan. The Corporation is now in a position to provide outstanding and distinguished services realized by all Jordanians who are covered by the social security umbrella.

His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein, may Allah protect him, paid and gave his utmost attention and care to improve the social security system and to expand its umbrella to include all Jordanian community segments. The Social Security Corporation has come a long way to achieve its social protection objectives. More than (1.3) million active insured working for (56) thousand entities in the public and private sectors are covered under the Social Security Corporation umbrella, not to mention more than (238) thousand pensioners benefiting from all types of pension salaries. In addition, the expatriate and self-employed Jordanians benefiting from the voluntary subscription exceeded (71) thousand, and the ratio of the insured covered by the social security to the workers in the Kingdom reached about 73%.

The social security law No (1) for the year 2014 reinforced the corporation’s tendencies to expand insurance coverage and started as from 1/1/2015 in covering employers working in their firms and started implementing special rules for hazardous occupations workers. Its role began to enhance working women protection and economic participation and stability in the labor market through the application of the maternity insurance for private sector insured women.

Finally, the corporation will continue to exert its efforts within clear plans and thoughtful work methods to reach the highest levels of leadership and achieve social protection that we aspire to, and to be a true and safe house for all Jordanian workers of all segments and economic sectors.

DR. Hazim Rahahleh
Director General